2 Channel, 2 min 48 sec (Each)
Directed, edited, and animated by Tramaine Townsend

Take away all of our extensions of self and what do you have? Some say identity, while others may convey a sense of purpose. We are left to assumptions and more than likely judgment because we cannot readily or actively figure each other out correctly. We are attributed to our digital selves more than what we people see in person. We can no longer just be beings that exist. Surviving the best way we know how. 

Suspense is a series of video vignettes of beings similar to us. Human in form, but something different. They have emotions that we can see visually but do not know genuinely what goes through their minds. It would be up to the viewers to decide for themselves. Shadowy and non-descript in form, their glowing eyes are a window inside their psyche. Reflective and reminiscent of ourselves. 

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